Christ Blessing

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Many people have found
Christ Blessing to be the
most powerful conveyance
of Love Energy they have ever felt.
Others have found the greatest peace.
Some have experienced miracles of healing.
All steps of personal transformation are miracles.

You were born in perfection.

Therefore, simple renewal brings all the answers.

You do not need to be different.

You need to be YOU in the fullest sense of the word.
Whatever needs to happen for you,
according to your readiness, will be given.
In most cases there are also very noticeable “ripple effects”
in the environment as you experience personal transformation.
That is because all of life is synergistic
One part cannot be lifted up
without raising the level of everything connected to it.
These blessings are free to all,
we encourage you to share both
the blessing and the benefits with others.
As you see improvements
manifesting in life,
you will surely feel gratitude.
Giving back is a wonderful way of
planting the seeds for future transformation
in the soil that brought them to life.
Your love offerings will help to insure
the continuation and expansion of this work.

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