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Glenda Green’s Story

Glenda Green PortraitIn 1992 Glenda painted the internationally acclaimed masterpiece,“The Lamb and The Lion.” Since that time she has become the beloved personal teacher of thousands and an inspirational source for millions of people worldwide. Her spiritual writings and teaching, which are now legendary, have come from inspired collaboration with “Jeshua,” — Jeshua ben Joseph (son of Joseph).  Jesus is the name most familiar to English-speaking people. However, as her work became translated into many languages she deferred (with his permission) to his ancient original name.

The Lamb & The Lion
The Lamb & The Lion

Jeshua first appeared to Glenda in 1991, manifesting from a field of Light that inundated her in such waves of Love that her world stood still and transformed forever. Subsequently, they began to enjoy daily communion as she proceeded with their first project, which was painting the now internationally renowned “The Lamb and The Lion.”

During these first visits Jeshua effectively revealed and dismantled Glenda’s ego identity and led her to know her true nature as love. In these days there were also poignant challenge to her self confidence, amidst the struggles of doubt, unworthiness, and endless questions.

Miracles have followed in the aftermath of their co-creations.  Extraordinary healings have occurred, in body, mind, and spirit in the lives of thousands, who attest to the unique depth of wisdom that flows from Jeshua through Glenda. The “Way” he has shown is both mystical and eminently practical. It is offered from the highest levels of wisdom, magnetizing the soul into the Christ Heart.

Glenda Green's painting Ancient BlessingsLong before her spiritual work (and to this day), she has been acknowledged by the nation’s leading scholars, critics, and museum officials as one of the world’s foremost portrait painters and spiritual artists. With paintings in such important collections as the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of the City of New York, and Williams College Museum of Art, Glenda Green has for many years been considered one of America’s finest realist oil painters. Glenda’s creative style as an artist is marked by intuitive spirituality, profound emotion, evocative color, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Her combined artistic and spiritual work continues to evolve, bringing ever more wonderful blends of these two rivers of talent and dedication.  In years of loving service with practitioners of holistic and spiritual health she has also acquired a powerful understanding of the link between spirituality and health.  Combined with years of teaching and counseling, this evolved consciousness is yielding some potent promise for spiritual healing techniques and services in the future.