Christ Blessing

Our next Christ Bless­ing Sem­i­nar
will be Octo­ber 10–11.  

Please con­sider join­ing us.

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Many peo­ple have found
Christ Bless­ing to be the
most pow­er­ful con­veyance
of Love Energy they have ever felt.
Oth­ers have found the great­est peace.
Some have expe­ri­enced mir­a­cles of heal­ing.
All steps of per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion are miracles.

You were born in perfection.

There­fore, sim­ple renewal brings all the answers.

You do not need to be different.

You need to be YOU in the fullest sense of the word.

What­ever needs to hap­pen for you,
accord­ing to your readi­ness, will be given.
In most cases there are also very notice­able “rip­ple effects“
in the envi­ron­ment as you expe­ri­ence per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion.
That is because all of life is syn­er­gis­tic
One part can­not be lifted up
with­out rais­ing the level of every­thing con­nected to it.

These bless­ings are free to all,
we encour­age you to share both
the bless­ing and the ben­e­fits with oth­ers.
As you see improve­ments
man­i­fest­ing in life,
you will surely feel grat­i­tude.
Giv­ing back is a won­der­ful way of
plant­ing the seeds for future trans­for­ma­tion
in the soil that brought them to life.
Your love offer­ings will help to insure
the con­tin­u­a­tion and expan­sion of this work.

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